Information wanted...

After much extensive research I believe I have been able to pinpoint the nightfighter claim that brought down 44 Sqdn. Lancaster Mk III KM-Z (DV202). The pilot was my cousin P/O R.C. Harding RCAF. Apparently no survivors.

According to my research on Tony Wood's site, Jim Perry's database the 15th claim that night was as follows:

"18.08.43 Ltn. Dieter Musset 5./NJG1 4 Mot. Flzg. Peenemunde:2.500M. 01:52 FILM C.2031/11 Anerk:Nr-"
This aircraft was apparently hit from below just after completing the bombing run and was making climbing starboard turn.
The aircraft came down "virtually intact" in a small lake immediately south of Peenemunde airfield where it lies in shallow
water to this day.

Does any body have knowledge of this situation?
Thank you.

Rich Chrysler